The term “Virtual Reality (VR)” is used to describe an artificial world that is so detailed in its implementation that one believes one is really in this world. The PlayStation Plus VR glasses on the PlayStation 4 allow you to take part in this virtual world of console games and immerse yourself in a very special world of gaming with the PlayStation VR – more information is available as you progress.

PlayStation VR – important information at a glance

With the help of sophisticated technology, the images are aligned in virtually real time, giving the player the feeling of moving in this virtual world.

With PlayStation VR, you can immerse yourself in unlimited game worlds from the comfort of your living room. The PlayStation Plus headset is based on the data processing capacity of the PS4. It is a complete and integrated VR solution within the existing PS4 system.

The range of functions and features

As we have seen in the course of several PlayStation VR tests, a more than lifelike optical experience is created with a refresh rate of 120 frames per second and this refresh rate always remains constant. In practice, the technically high-quality OLED display opens up impressive and hyper-real 3D worlds before the eyes of the user and offers a more than generous viewing angle with its 5.7 inch.

Even the sound leaves nothing to be desired – with 3D sound you can really hear every sound around you more than clearly. In this way, you can even get a feeling for distances and speeds in the virtual world.

The device is equipped with a total of nine LEDs, which are tracked by the PlayStation Camera to determine the exact position of the user, as well as the current angle and direction of the head. This data processed in real time allows the PS4 console to place the user in a correct position in the middle of the virtual world, creating a truly realistic sense of presence.

Some features of the PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR convinces in various tests on all lines. Thanks to the 360 degree immersion, you have a seamless field of vision in the virtual world. The innovative 3D audio enables a completely new dimension of sound, where you can perceive both the direction and the distance of the sounds.

With the dual lenses and powerful 3D depth sensors, the PlayStation Camera controls the position of the headset, the P Move motion controller and the DUALSHOCK 4 controller light bar. This ensures that the user is always at the centre of the VR universe. The PS VR adds a whole new dimension to the already precise control of the PS4.

Unequivocal results of different PlayStation VR tests – if you want to use VR glasses, you definitely need the PlayStation Camera. Those who don’t own them yet can buy them for an amount of about 50 Euros. Also important for some games: The Move controllers. The controllers with a glowing rubber ball at the top are experiencing a revival, so to speak. A Move controller costs about 40 Euros. So the investment costs rise quite quickly to more than 500 Euros – not a bargain, but still significantly cheaper than the competition.

The Playstation VR has left split impressions in our PlayStation VR test speaker. Technically, we had hoped for more, but the edge flickering and blurring clearly cloud the gaming impression. But if the game is well designed, it’s easier to overlook the technical shortcomings in practice. Currently, the real blockbusters like “Uncharted 4” are still missing and the technology still has to prove what it can do. But on the whole, one can already give a clear buy recommendation at this point in time.

PSVR 2 for PS5? Developer gives hope for hardware upgrade

  • Virtual reality developer Immersive VR Education Ltd already wants to know that a “PSVR 2” headset will be released alongside the PlayStation 5.
  • With over 5 million units sold so far, PSVR is one of the most successful Virtual Reality headsets on the market, but sooner or later Sony will probably need better hardware to remain competitive in the new console generation.
  • There have been several rumors about a “PSVR 2” device in the past, now a VR developer and publisher has blabbed away in an annual report.

VR developer confirms hardware upgrade

What are they saying? According to Immersive VR Education Ltd, known among other things for the games Titanic VR and Apollo 11 VR, an improved version of the PSVR headset is definitely appearing alongside the PS5. The company recently published a report in which the device, which has not yet been officially confirmed, is mentioned in connection with the PlayStation 5.

Immersive VR Education Ltd expects the upgrade to be released in fiscal 2020. This means that it could well be launched directly to coincide with the launch of the PS5, but no later than the end of March 2021. But here is the hint again: Sony has not confirmed an improved PlayStation VR headset.

The only thing that is officially known is that the PlayStation VR headset is included in the downward compatibility of the PS5 and will also be able to connect to the PS4 successor. When asked whether there will be PSVR 2 glasses, PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny simply said that VR would continue to be an important aspect for Sony, but nothing could be said about this.

Further rumours about PSVR 2

However, this is not the first time that a studio speaks in joyful anticipation of a new PS VR glasses. In October 2019, we reported about a developer who reported via Facebook that he was already working on a “PSVR 2” game for PS5. In addition, a number of patents on a possible upgrade of the device had been buzzing around the net in the past, including one that suggested that the new version could finally do without cables.

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