XMoon Productions Review

There are numerous virtual sex games out there, and from a marketing standpoint it makes a lot of sense – video games, next to virtual reality headsets, are one of the biggest untapped niches in the adult industry when it comes to sexual experiences.



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X Moon Productions definitely has a unique approach to the whole genre, however. Unlike many sites that are designed also as interactive chat sites where you can design your avatar and meet others (much in the way a multiplayer online game would function), they’ve gone towards the first person action.

X Moon Productions Appeals To The Gamers In All Of Us

The way it is set up involves several game stories or scenarios. Each of these is unique and includes its own self-contained environment replete with tasks that you have to do in order to further the story along. For example, one of the first scenarios involves you, from a first person perspective, as the janitor in a gym. In order to keep the story moving, you have to work out what it is that you’re supposed to do – this is also pretty unique, since it definitely appeals to people who like puzzles and don’t want someone to hold their hand through the entire game. In this case, it involves several repetitive tasks such as picking up garbage and depositing in a bin.

There are both good and bad aspects to this. On one hand, yes it is original. There are not a lot of other virtual reality sex games out there that utilize first person perspectives exclusively, so it’s a great way to bring someone into the actual character and story. On the other hand, a lot of the levels and the tasks involved are repetitive and can get quite boring in the long run. You can only pick up so many pieces of paper before you start wondering when the real action is going to happen. Another scenario involves the beginning of the scene where you are in your bedroom and have to actually find and utilize your keys to move to the next level.

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When it’s all said and done, the levels themselves are pretty decent. It’s not the top of the line graphics that you might find in some big budget games, but it’s passable. And this of course brings us to the heart of the game experience: the girls.

Very Interactive And Creative Hands-On Use But It Falls Just Short

xstoryplayerProbably the biggest disappointment about X Moon Productions game and their levels is the cartoony aspect. The models once you find them are definitely anatomically correct, but there’s an almost mannequin-like appeal to them which may be great for some people, but certainly lacks in realism for the rest of us. Often time they are in one position and while you can actually input commands – something that X Moon Productions should definitely get credit for – to change the position or order them to do things, it is jerky and corpse-like. However, this is an AI you’re dealing with, and the game is cleverly rigged to encourage players to win the girls over before they’re allowed to try things, and they’ll get upset if you’re too rough. Still, given what you’re paying for, it’s not totally unreasonable.

The one advantage of the models being a bit rigid (whether they’re bent over and waiting for you to violate them from behind or spread eagled with a goofy plastic look on their face) is that it sets the stage for one of X Moon Productions other unique elements. There are a number of toys available in the game that you can manage yourself, by inserting them or teasing them in the girls’ orifices.

Toys seem to be a big part of the game if you’re into that particular facet, and you can choose everything from dildos and vibrators to paddles to try out, and depending on the model and your reaction to her she might like it more or less. You can also use your hand with another icon, and the stimulation will elicit responses from the models.

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If you are interested in a game that is more narrative driven as opposed to character driven and community-based, then their game has a lot to offer. On their site they have current updates and upgrades as well, so you can expect not only more options when it comes to girls, attire, and environments, but also levels and more realistic physics in the future (they also have season specific patches which are pretty neat, like a Christmas edition that will make you jolly in all the right places).

They also seem to have understood the importance of bringing virtual reality games to virtual reality headsets, a move that many other similar sites have been making in order to stay competitive – this bodes well for future users as well, who can look forward to playing the same levels on the Oculus Rift, and since everything in the game is interactive (right down to the buttons and zippers on the models’ clothes) you never miss a single detail.

We also have to credit X Moon Productions for their AI interface, something that we don’t really see in other virtual reality games, and although the commands that will get a response are noticeably limited, it definitely adds to the experience.

The one disadvantage that X Moon Productions has going for it is that their XStoryPlayer is a bit on the expensive side. Although they do have a free demo, you don’t really get the same thing out of it unless you go whole hog for the game – on the upside, for $18 you do have access to the entire game and to future updates and patches and for another $9 you can upgrade to their Version 3 which is a little less buggy.

This feels like a bit of a cash grab however, so if you’re not totally invested in a virtual reality game we’d probably suggest heading over to one of the online community games instead since you’ll get roughly the same value for a much more layered and potentially intimate experience. As it stands, and because it does show promise of keeping their patches consistent, we give XStoryPlayer a fair 7.5 out of 10.

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