After having perused a lot of virtual reality sex games in the past, it’s easy to come to two conclusions. First is that there are many more games out there that are not really up to standards when it comes to both quality like graphics and animation as well as community interaction.


redlightcenterMost virtual sex games by now are actually part of a forum or online gaming community, sort of like the next step up from social media. But very few actually let you take control of your identity the way does – initially, you have to sign up but the signing up is completely free and only requires a valid email address, after which it brings you to a profile page.

And here is where veers away from its competitors. As part of the system, it lets you not only interact with other people through and avatar but also encourages a connection to the real world.

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redlightcenterThis comes in the form of offering basically the same sort of profile page you would get on Facebook, although hyped up to be a bit more adult. It can contain profile pictures, galleries that you might like to show others, and information such as your sex, size, height, right down to your favorite sexual fantasy and what sorts of things you’re into. It’s the Myspace of the adult social media, in an essence.

The perk of their site is that in order to even get to the menu where you can download their online game, you have to go through this process – and it opens up some interesting free opportunities, including the ability to search profiles at your will based on search parameters. So if you’re into kinky stuff or want to try some light BDSM, you’ll get literally hundreds of hits – more into a softcore, coy, unassuming Asian girl exploring her own sexuality and eager for tips? They’ve got you covered.

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And of course, the free galleries make a visit to their site worth the effort, even if you decide not to download the game. There are some seriously gratuitous photo galleries that will get you wet just thinking about actually meeting them. There are a lot of other options as well to keep people interested and coming back, including attire, gifts (that you can send to others), property, and a whole message and friends section for when you finally start meeting folks.

redlightcenterProbably the coolest facet however is a gauge on your Profile that tracks both Karma, Popularity, Sexiness, and Friendliness, based on what other members think of you. The more points you get in any given category, the more it’ll show up on your profile screen and list you according to other members as well. A good excuse to play nice (at least, if that’s what your friends are into) – if you sign up with as well, it also allows you to search for others based on these four characteristics.

Exclusive Events And Up To Date Patches Offer Hundreds Of Hours Of Exploration And Conversation

When you actually download the game it’s a quick .exe file, so it’s always a good idea to make sure your firewall is up, though there don’t seem to be any issues installing and playing. There are a huge array of different environments and people to talk to at any given time. The one downside we’ve found is that the graphics tend to be more what you’d expect from the Sims, with less emphasis on realism than we’ve seen in some other virtual reality games. Still, it runs quite smoothly, and the user friendly interface allows you to make friends in the game and then add them to your profile later.

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redlightcenterThere are two points to note about running and operating the game. The first is that they’re probably the most up to date when it comes to technical support and assistance, as well as maintaining their site and the game. This comes in the form of having almost daily events being held, such as beach parties or season specific events having do with Halloween, Christmas, and of course Valentines.

These events can be anything from an actual hang-out at a given location to the showcasing of graphic designs and even mini survival games. As a result, and are both exceptional in terms of playability, meaning that you’ll be able to come back to them again and again. A lot of the members really enjoy cybersex and a casual rendezvous in the game world or a group chat can easily lead back to a hot and heavy sexting session in one on one chat that will bring you both to the edge.

Secondly, their payment system is also quite convenient. Most virtual games either offer a one-off price (which can be expensive) or a monthly sort of contract you can renew. In contrast, both and allow you ‘top up’ your profile account with credits – or chips – that can be used for inviting friends, giving gifts, and upgrading your character. Most of their payment system is online or can be done via phone, and they do thankfully use a third party billing system so kudos for not having any strange payments showing up on your credit card bill.

avatarWith so many virtual games and virtual reality sites turning to Bitcoin, we’ve got our fingers crossed that they’ll also adopt this in the near future. Although we did not sign up for it, it was also interesting to see they have a VIP option available for members for a little extra cash, and this unlocks a number of elements both in the games and on profiles (allowing you to see some more premium gallery content on other members’ profiles).

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The downside to both games is that it can almost seem like too much if you’re new to virtual gaming, since they have a very populated server. However, it’s much better in our minds to have TOO much to do in a virtual world than not enough. In terms of sheer capability, we give both Utherverse / RedLightCenter a solid 8.9 out of 10.