Chathouse 3D Review

Just as virtual reality has taken over the porn industry, with lots of sites and production companies churning out VR videos that can be viewed on headsets like the Oculus and Samsung Gear, so too have graphics companies seen the value in offering high quality sexual experiences via games.


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In the same tradition as the Sims (but obviously a bit more R-rated), a number of sites have come up with totally immersive games that offer the same sort of interactive entertainment with the sided benefit of being geared specifically towards adults.

Chathouse 3D is just one of many, but in many ways it has helped to carve out a name for itself as one of the premiere sex games out there – the reasons are quite obvious: a quick visit to their website is enough to gather that they know what they’re doing and have been at it for a while. The easy to navigate site has all the information anyone would be interested in knowing, such as what the game offers and what they can expect.


Chathouse 3D Takes Virtual Reality Sex To The Next Level With Extensive Upgradeable Content

One thing that seems a constant deal breaker for many sites is the ability for a player to augment and upgrade their reality. This was a staple for Sims for decades (think of how many patches and affiliated games that cropped up after the original?) so it’s no surprise that Chathouse 3D also takes up the mantle by delivering an extensive array of different options. These include everything from the ability to choose a location – whether you’re more at ease on a lonely secluded beach or on the backyard patio of a Florida condo – to the actual appearance of your avatar.

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Because the end result is always geared toward an intimate encounter, they’ve actually taken the avatar set up a step further than any other game we’ve seen. Things like hair color, style, body shape, and a vast wardrobe gives a player an almost illimitable option regarding their appearance.

That’s one element that other VR exclusive sites (and even porn sites) can never really achieve: the ability to be completely in control of your own desires. But it doesn’t stop there – while Chathouse 3D does function as an interactive simulation, it isn’t just one-sided. The way it’s set up is designed to facilitate a chat room as well (hence the name), meaning that once you sign up and log in you’re able to actually chat and talk with other real players online. This is where it deviates from any other game, by allowing members to flirt and get to know each other on a very personal level, all through the eyes of their selective avatars.

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Once you’ve found someone who’s into the same sort of thing you are, you can take the party to a more intimate environment and get down and dirty. There are a lot of actions available, and some hot foreplay and French kissing can quickly move to a naked wrestling match as a gorgeous bosomed red head rides you reverse cowgirl style on a lawn chair or lifts her ass up to let you plumb her moist depths with your own animated cock. And for those who really get off on cum shots, Chathouse 3D seems to have had you specially in mind: whether you’re jacking off on her face or her tits, she’ll squirm and beg for, and it’s very (almost unnervingly) realistic.

Interact With Other Players And Explore Virtual Sexual Experiences

And here we have to say something about the actual sex. As mentioned, if a site’s upkeep and appearance is any indication of their product, then Chathouse 3D fits the metric. The animations are crisp and clean and if you have even a moderate computer you should be able to run everything quite smoothly. But it’s the physics of the game that really amp up the experience. Breasts sway and jiggle with very realistic movements, and the sheer number of different sexual positions you can engage in is staggering – variations on doggy-style, missionary, oral, and cunnilingus. But graphics are only good as the accompaniment of sound, and there is some pretty wicked and boner inspiring moans and sex sounds that complement each set.

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On the technical side of thing, it was nice to see that the sign-up was free – all you need is an email that is valid and to click and verify that you’re over 18 years of age. After that, it’s pretty open-ended, remarkably diverse. You can upgrade a profile and both send and receive friend requests, as wells post comments to your followers so it has all the feel of a social media platform.

There are very few sex games that have as inclusive a community (or as strong a presence).

What’s really nice, and again adds to the lifespan of being able to play the game for a long time, is the fact you can have more than one profile or character, so you can choose to be either male or female, which lends itself to some incredible sexual experiments. Ever wanted to have a lesbian experience? Or maybe dabble in a fetish you’ve never been brave enough to explore in the real world? Chathouse 3D has you covered, from fetish to hardcore to softcore depending on what you’re comfortable with. As a safe space, it’s hard to beat, and the sheer number of users and options in the game means there are literally hundreds of hours of entertainment to be had.

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Overall we have to give Chathouse 3D one of our higher ratings for a sex game, not only for its online presence – literally hundreds to thousands of people online at any given time – but also the ease in which it fosters a community of people who can get to know each other over a long period of time. This isn’t just for those who need a quick virtual fuck: by friending certain people you really connect with, you can come back again and again, from this perspective it’s quite healthy as a way to explore sexuality with a partner. We give them a solid 9.1 out of 10.