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Best VR Sex Games:

#1 –

The interface of this game is pretty sleek and made with style. Everything in this game looks fine, from the models to the sex scenes. Great features are spanking your girl in the dungeon, realistic sound and believable reactions. The gameplay in VR is simply mesmerizing and you need to experience it yourself.

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#2 Chathouse 3D

This game is well designed and easy to navigate through. Chathouse 3D takes VR sex games to another level with a lot of different options and very sexy models. Pick a great location and do everything you want with your beautiful hot chick.

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This game let you take control of your identy in a great way, you will even have a profile page similar to social media. You can design your avatar the way you like and start interaction with others. You will find someone with the same fetish like you in no time, may it be BDSM or sex with asian girls.

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This VR sex game is designed as a chat room. With 3dXChat you can create highly detailed avatars – gender, outfit, body type, hair color and many more can be chosen by the user. It has a look and feel similar to the Sims but with sex involved and it even comes with sex toys adaptability.

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#5 XStoryPlayer

This game offers you a lot of different sceneratios and sex toys you can use, for example dildos, paddles or vibrators. When you have sex with the models you can switch positions and fuck them the way you like it most. XStoryPlayer is designed very interactive and all models have great realistic looking bodies.

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#6 eGirl VR

This is a very advanced VR sex simulation with great 3D graphics! You are able to interact with a classy woman in VR and many different locations. You can play with or without your headset and enjoy an extremely immersive experience!

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Virtual Reality Makes Another Leap With VR Sex Games

Virtual reality has been around for decades, and it’s been a technological frontier that many have been wary of and which has managed to attract a varying degree of demographics – but while the public perception of VR has become synonymous with science fiction and The Matrix, there have been a lot of more practical integrations of the technology, ranging from helping patients deal with pain as a form of therapy to creating fully-immersive 3D videos for entertainment. And seemingly guiding the revolution, the sex industry has played a heavy role as well, in particular when it comes to VR sex games.

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There have been a number of games out there in the past meant to initiate cybersex with others, but it has only been recently – in conjunction with such devices as the Oculus Rift DK1 and the Samsung Gear VR – that games have been able to utilize virtual reality to the highest magnitude. Essentially, this has translated to people being able to jump into a 360 degree world in which they are able to interact with others in a totally virtual world: explore, flirt, customize, and then engage in a variety of sexual acts, all in a highly rendered world of top-notch graphics.

The Gaming Industry As A Source Of Innovation

Many of these virtual game studios, such as 3DX Chat, have had every intention of bridging the gap between virtual reality and gaming by offering compatibility with the most up-to-date and current headsets. This has resolutely been the Oculus Rift, which offers a totally immersive 360 degree panorama with excellent head tracking, but also amps up the graphics with some of the highest resolution possible – the skin tones, shadowing, colors, and sound are all synced to offer as realistic an experience, socially and sexually, as possible.

chathouse3DThe gaming industry has always pushed the envelope in terms of developing and improving upon ideas, and this is no exception: there are a number of sites out there like 3DX Chat, Chathouse 3D, and Red Light Center to name just a few.

In essence, they have the same sort of format to a real-life simulator, like the Sims, but have taken it farther, hoping to embellish a totally virtual world that one can escape into, replete with graphics and sound that can engage all of the senses.

The Social Implications Of Sexgames in VR

A lot of these worlds aren’t just about sex, though, even if that’s sort of the hopeful end. In general, they also supply a very realistic social community. You can upgrade your avatar in a huge array of different clothes, and even design your own house, but it is the ability to visit certain environments – whether it be a beach, a rocking dance club, or even the open deck of a yacht – and interact with other avatars and people. This seems to be what VR has opened up – unlike 2D pornography, in which there is a sort of unattached sentiment and a user is merely a spectator, the use of VR creates a more intimate and emotionally connective space, which lends itself to an even greater sort of sexual tension.

And companies like Red Light Center seem to understand this on a very primal level. Once you decide to take things further with another member on the game, there are a variety of different sexual positions, and these are usually suggested or offered by one party and accepted by the other (and there is a rather inclusive selection, whether you’re into a classic missionary style, or something a bit more kinky). So yes, you are in fact merely watching an animated imitation of the sexual act, but the fact you are coordinating with another real person on the other side is what makes virtual reality sex games more than just a one-sided affair: and for many, that is the real appeal and potential of virtual reality.

The Other Take: It Is Still Virtual

3dxchatThere is of course always going to be the other school of thought – unlike some virtual reality implementations, such as being able to engage in live cam sex with another model via a headset, VR sex games are *fully* virtual, meaning that the real-ness of the experience is ultimately determined by the quality and rendering of the graphics, both in the game and via your VR headset.

As a result, there is a rather large spectrum in the VR sex game industry, ranging from excellent to poor – and because so many companies are hoping to take advantage of the VR porn market, there is an inevitable side-effect: quantity often trumps quality, especially when it comes to the number of developers or studios hoping to cash in a quick buck.

These lead to a saturation in the market of sub-par games and VR sex chat communities. This is compounded by the fact that the more popular and renowned VR sex games are often in an online format (like MMOs) and require a payment plan. And there is the ultimate dilemma, but one which can threaten the integrity of VR as a whole: there are quality and stimulating virtual reality experiences out there, that really take advantage of the technology, and can deliver hours of entertainment, but they ultimately end up costing more to participate in.

The Outlook On VR Sex Games

Still, there is a glimmer of hope. In the VR porn industry, creating video content is probably one of the most expensive and time-consuming activities, requiring a constant turn-over of new material. On the other hand, VR games like Chathouse 3D and 3DX Chat are much more stable in the long run – they don’t require the same sort of maintenance, although they are always upgrading and adding new content as well.

Additionally, VR games offer something conventional virtual reality outlets (whether it be 360 degree porn videos or live cam sessions) simply can’t: an online community, in which users can make real – and lasting – connections with others. Which means that as an adjunct of the industry, VR games have a much more loyal, committed, and stable fan base. I think we can expect to see a number of these new VR communities appear, especially as the technology adapts to the needs of their demographic and virtual reality headsets only become more accessible and better able to render 3D environments.